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Value the relationship

It was their anniversary,and Jasmine was waiting for her husband Ravi to show up. Things had changed since their marriage,fighting over every little things both didn’t like the way things had changed. Jasmine was waiting to see if  Ravi remembered their anniversary. Just as the door bell rang she ran to find her husband wet and smiling with a bunch of flowers in his hand. The two started 
re-living the old days, making up for fights , then was the plan for champagne , light music and it was raining outside. It was perfect time for celebration, but the moment paused when the phone in the bedroom rang.
 Jasmine went to pick it up and it was a man . He said “Hello mam I’m calling from the police station.    
      Is this Mr. Ravi. 
      She said : Yes it is! 
     The Police man said : I’m sorry mam; but there was accident and a man died. He got this number from his wallet. we need you to come and identify his body.
Jasmine heart sank. she was shocked! but my husband is here with me? 
The Police man said: Sorry mam but the incident took place at 2 pm when he was boarding the train .  
Jasmine was about to lose her conscience. How could this happen ?
She had heard about the person coming to meet a loved one before it leaves! She ran into the other room,he was not there. It was true ! 
She rolled into the floor in pain. She lost her chance forever!
Suddenly there was a noise from the bathroom, the door opened and
Ravi came out and said: “Darling, I forgot to tell you that my wallet got stolen today” she felt very happy and hugged him.
Life will not give yo a second chance. So never waste a moment when you can still make up your wrongs!!

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