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It has been mentioned as per Syllabus of Tnpsc group 1 /2/2A . It reduces your task of searching Each and Every concepts Here and There . Get Everything at one place and its FREE . Just Click on the concepts and you will be redirected to the particular concepts . Hope this helps you !

It Will be updated Regulary !

(i) Constitution of IndiaPreamble to the Constitution – Salient features of the Constitution – Union, State and Union Territory.

(ii) Citizenship, Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, Directive Principles of State Policy.

(iii) Union Executive, Union legislature – State Executive, State Legislature – Local governments, Panchayat Raj.

(iv) Spirit of Federalism: Centre – State Relationships.

(v) Election – Judiciary in India – Rule of law.

(vi) Corruption in public life – Anti-corruption measures – Lokpal and LokAyukta – Right to Information – Empowerment of women – Consumer protection forums, Human rights charter.

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