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We are happy to launch ‘ TNPSC GROUP 4 WEEKLY TEST -1 ‘ . According to First Schedule we are providing you General English Test which consists of 25 questions .

To know more about Tnpsc Group 4 Weekly Schedule plan – Click here

Time Limit Should be 20 minutes .

Answers will be uploaded in downloadable form . Aspirants can prepare along with their schedule . They can check their level of preparation by giving tests . If you lack in certain subjects give extra time to particular subject which will increase your chance to come out with flying colors.

This platform will act as guiding light in your preparation and also , allows you to test your knowledge by providing Tnpsc free online test .

Tnpsc Group 4 Weekly Test -1

1. Match  the  following  identifying  the  phrase  to  complete  the  sentence  and  mark  the  correct code:

           Column A                                    Column B

(a)     The cream Cake is                 1.      Harder and harder

(b)     The new sweets are                2.      More expensive

(c)     The new waiters are               3.       So costly

(d)     It is getting                            4.      Better

         (a)          (b)       (c)        (d)

(A)      1.          3          4           2

(B)      3            2         1           4

(c)       2            3         4           1

(D)      4            2          1          3

2.  Identify the sentence pattern:

  One of the boys had been singing well.

(A)      S V C                                                     

(B)    S V O C

(C)      S V A                                                       

(D)    S V IO DO


3. The Giant’s final journey was to

(A) His friend’s palace

(B) His son’s home

(C) To the Neighbouring village

(D) The paradise


4. “I won’t look down. No I will not

   With speed of wings I hasten past“.

    In whose poem do the following lines occur?

    (A)  Famida Y. Basheer

    (B)  Kamala Surrayya

    (C)  Archibald Lampman

    (D)  Rudyard Kipling


5. Identify the figure of speech used in the following poetic line.

          In the world’s broad field of battle

 (A)  Personification

 (B)  Simile

 (C)  Metaphor

 (D)  Oxymoron

6. In the poem “Migrant Bird” the poet contrasts the life of a migrant bird with that of the

(A)  Weapons

(B)  Human beings

(C)  Animals

(D)  Enemies

7. Which of the following literary works exhibits the theme of optimism ?

(A)  Laugh and be Merry

(B)  Sonnet No: 116

(C)  The Solitary Reaper

(D)  The Man he killed

8. Identify the author who uttered the following sentence:

 “Man is born free but is everywhere in chains“.

(A)  Rabindranath Tagore

(B)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(C)  Berton Braley

(D)  Jean Jacques Rousseau

9. Match the characters  under  Column  ‘B’  with  the  relevant  story  titles  under  Column  ‘A’.

       Column A                            Column B

(a)   The Necklace                     1.   Behrman

(b)   Lottery Ticket                    2.    Morissot

(c)   The Last Leaf                     3.    Matilda

(d)   Two friends                        4.    Masha

       (a)          (b)         (c)         (d)

(A)    4             1           3            2

(B)    3             4           1            2

(C)    3             1           2            4

(D)    2             3          1             4

10. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

————-Woodcock flies from———— Himalayas to ————- Nilgiris without ———-pause.

(A)  a, the, a, the

(C)  a, the, the, the

(B)  the, the, a, the

(D)  the, the, the, a

11. Match the following  blending  words  in  Column  ‘A’  with  their  meaning  in  Column  ‘B’

        Column  A                                    Column  B

(a)     Electro + execute                  1.      Medicare

(b)     Breakfast + lunch                  2.      Mobike

(c)     Motor + bike                          3.      Brunch

(d)     Medical +  care                      4.      Electrocute

         (a)        (b)       (c)         (d)

(A)     4          3          2            1

(B)    3           4          1            2

(C)    4           3         1             2

(D)    3           4         2             1

12. Gangadhar Rao married ————–

(A)    Manikarnika

(B)    Mala

(C)    Mathi

(D)    Madhavi

13. Choose the correct answer and complete the following sentence:

The twelve peach trees broke out into delicate blossoms of

(A)      Blue and pearl

(B)      Pink and pearl

(C)      Pink and white

(D)      Black and blue

14. It is twice blessed

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes

These are the words of ———-

(A)      Portia                                                     

(B)    Shylock

(C)      Antony                                                   

(D)    Bassanio

15. In “The Model  Millionaire”  the  servant  brought  Hughie  a  card         when  he  was  at

 (A)    Lunch                                                          

 (B)    Breakfast

 (C)    Dinner                                                         

 (D)   Tea

16. Choose the Appropriate  antonym  of  the  underlined  word  from  the  options  given  below:

“Her face had an expression of absolute serenity

(A)     Tranquillity

(B)     Calmness

(C)     Peacefulness

(D)     Unquietness

17. Rewrite the sentence in the passive voice:

The man completed his work.  His master paid him.

(A)  His  work  is  completed  by  the  man  and  he  is  paid  by  his  master

(B)  His  work  was  completed  by  the  man  and  he  was  paid  by  his  master

(C)  His  work   had  completed  by  the  man  and  he  was  paid  by  his  master

(D)  His  work  has  completed  by  the  man  and  he  has  been  paid  by  his  master

18. “Democracy is for  the  people  by  the  people  and  of  people”  Who  said  this?

(A)  Abraham Lincoln

(B)   William Wordsworth

(C)   Gandhiji

 (D)   Nehru

19. “Ambition“, according  to —————- in  Julius  Caesar  should  be  made  of  sterner  stuff.

(A)      Caesar                                                       

(B)   Brutus

(C)      First citizen                                                

(D)   Antony

20. Who is  the  headman  in  the  Lesson  “After  The  Storm“,  by  Deepa  Agarwal.

(A)    Saruli                                                   

(B)   Diwan Singh

(C)    Lal Singh                                                 

(D)   Radha

21. The following lines are taken from the poem

         “The music in my heart I bore

         Long after it was heard no more“.

(A) ‘A Psalm of Life’

(B) ‘Sonnet No. 116’

(C) ‘Be The Best’

(D) ‘The Solitary Reaper”

22. Who said this ?

 ‘Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacities‘.

(A) Kalpana Chawla

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Rani of Jhansi

(D) Helen Keller

23. Name the greedy  moneylender  in  the  play  ‘The  Merchant  of  Venice‘.

(A)      Antonio

(B)      Bassanio

(C)      Shylock

(D)      Lorenzo

24. Identify the author of the short story ‘The Selfish Giant‘.

(A) Anton Chekhov

(B) 0′ Henry

(C) Oscar Wilde

(D) Rudyard Kipling

25. Match the following  poems  under  Column  A  with  the  poets  under  Column  B  and  select  the correct code:

            Column A                                                        Column B

(a)     The Cry of the Children                       1.  Jack Prelutsky

(b)     Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face       2.   Stephen Vincent Benet

(c)     The Flying Wonder                              3.   D.H.  Lawrence

(d)     Snake                                           4.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

         (a)        (b)        (c)       (d)

(A)     1          4            3          2

(B)     4          1            2          3

(C)     1          3            4          2

(D)     2          3            1          4

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General English Test-1 Answers – Click here  

To know more about Tnpsc Group 4 Weekly Schedule plan – Click here

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