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Biography of Helen Keller helpful for general english paper preparation. Biography of Helen Keller is one of the most important topics in General English Part for all TNPSC competitive exams.It is important to know the  Biography of Helen Keller concerned with those in the syllabus. All through the years this has been an integral part of the Tnpsc examinations. And this shall also be helpful for other competitive examination preparations.

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Choose the correct option given below:

1.“The most beautiful things in the world Cannot be seen or even touched, but Just felt in the heart”. In whose biography could you find these words?

Mahatma Gandhi
Oscar Wilde
Helen Keller

2.In to how many different languages does the book “The Story of my Life” was translated?

30 languages
25 languages
50 languages
45 languages

3.Who was the inventor of Telephone?

Thomas Edison
Charles Dickens
John Bardeen
Alexander Graham Bell

4.At What age did Anne met Helen


5.What was helen’s first book

Rebel lives: Helen Keller
The song of the Stone Wall
The Story of my Life
The World I Live In

6.In The Mystery of Language Helen keller speaks about the word?


7.Who lost hearing at an early age due to fever?

Helen Keller

8.How did Anne began to teach Helen?

By teaching
By writing on her hand
By writing on her Palm
By speaking

9.How many words did Helen learn on a single day?

50 Words
20 Words
10 Words
30 Words

10.“He would not let them take away my soul Possessing that, I still possess the whole”- Identify the speaker?

Kalpana Chawla
Helen keller
Sunitha Williams
Nelson Mandela

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