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General Facts about Indus Valley Civilisation

  1.  It is among the oldest in the world. 
  2. It is also the largest among four ancient civilisations.
  3. The world’s first planned cities are found in this civilisation. 
  4. The Indus also had advanced sanitation and drainage system. 
  5. There was a high sense of awareness on public health.



Summary of Indus Valley Civilisation

  •  When man began to live in a settled life, it marked the dawn of  civilisation.
  •  River valleys were responsible for the growth of civilisation.
  •  Harappan culture was mainly urban in nature.
  •  Cities were well planned with covered drainage and straight wide roads,   cutting each other at right angles.
  •  The people of that time had great engineering skills. The Great Bath is     one  of the earliest public tank.
  •  The civilisation extended from:
  •  Makran coast of Baluchistan in west Ghaggar-Hakra river valley in east Afghanistan in the north east Maharashtra in the south

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