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Candidates preparing for government exams such as Tnpsc,Upsc,Ssc, and other competitive exams will find the list of Important Freedom Movements in India From 1857 – 1947 useful in their preparation .

List of Important Freedom Movements in India From 1857 – 1947  have been always an important category in the static GK section of various competitive examinations .

Question on Important Freedom Movements in India From 1857 – 1947  has been frequently asked question in various competitive exams .

So, Here is an compiled List of Important Freedom Movements in India From 1857 – 1947 to boost your score in static GK Section .

11857The Revolt of 1857
21864Establishment of Scientific Society by Syed Ahmed
31875Establishment of Theosophical Society
41928Establishment of Indian Independence League
51876Vernacular Press Act (Proposed by Lord Lytton, then viceroy)
6Feb 3, 1882Hunter Commission (Also known as Indian Education Commission)
71883Ilbert Bill proposed by Lord Ripon
8Jan 25, 1884Ilbert Bill passed
91885Establishment of INC. 1st INC Session was held at Bombay (Presided over by W.C. Bonnerjee)
101897Ramakrishna Mission founded by Swami Vivekanand
11Oct 16, 1905Partition of Bengal
121906All-India Muslim League Founded at Dacca
131885Surat Split of INC
14Aug 11, 1908Execution of Khudiram Bose
151909Minto-Morley Reforms (Also called Indian Councils Act 1909)
161910Indian Press Act
17Apr, 1916Establishment of Home Rule by Bal Gangadhar Tilak
18Dec, 1916Lucknow Pact (agreement reached between INC & Muslim League)
191917Champaran Satyagraha
20Apr 13, 1918Establishment of Madras Labour Union
211919Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms
221919Rowlatt Act Passed
23Apr 13, 1919Jallianwala Bagh massacre
241920 – Feb 1922Non-Cooperation Movement
25Feb 5, 1922Chauri Chaura incident took place
26Late 1922 – Early 1923Establishment of Swarajya Party
271925Kakori Conspiracy
281927Establishment of Simon Commission
291927Assassination of Saunders by Bhagat Singh
301928Nehru Report
31Feb 3, 1928Simon Commission arrives in India
321929-12-01 00:00:00Purna Swaraj Declaration (Lahore Session)
33Apr 8, 1929Bombing in Central Legislative Assembly by Bhagat Singh & Batukeshwar Dutt.
34Apr 18, 1930Chittagong armoury raid
35Mar 12, 1930Civil Disobedience Movement starts with Dandi March
36Apr 6, 1930Dandi March Ends
37Nov 12, 19301st Round Table Conference
38Mar 5, 1931Gandhi – Irwin Pact (5th March 1931)
391931Karachi Session of INC
40Sep 7, 19312nd Round Table Conference
411932Poona Act
4219323rd Round Table Conference
431935Government of India Act
44Jun 22, 1939All India Forward Bloc formed
451940August Offer by Lord Linlithgow
461942Quit India Movement
471942Cripps Mission
481942Establishment of Indian Independence League.
491942Formation of Azad Hind Fauj (1st September)
501945Wavell Plan announced in Shimla Conference
511946Cabinet Mission (Formulated at the initiative of Clement Attlee, PM of UK )
521947Mountbatten Plan
531947Indian Independence Act
54Aug 15, 1947Independence Day of India
551919-24Khilafat Movement
56Oct 17, 1940The Individual Satyagraha
571916The Home Rule Movement
58Jan, 1923The Swaraj Party
59Sep 24, 1932Poona Pact
60May 16, 1946The Cabinet Mission


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